Verbist verbist
Beef, from farm to fork

Who we are

For half a century already, Verbist has been your beef specialist, and a supplier for nearly all major Belgian supermarkets. Verbist guarantees beef production, controlled from farm to fork, with several private cattle breeding companies across Belgium.

The numerous Verbist advantages

  • Many years of experience making Verbist a unique company.
  • Employees are trained and appreciated.
  • Our cattle are bred in an environmentally friendly way, according to the most stringent quality standard.
  • Verbist is BRC certified (Level A).
  • In every production zone, general hygiene is of paramount importance.
  • During each production step, the beef is submitted to thorough quality controls.
  • Timely delivery is guaranteed, thanks to efficient administration and a private vehicle fleet, completed with logistic partners.
  • We have multiple cattle breeding companies, and we work together exclusively with several suppliers.
  • Verbist guarantees naturally pure beef, from breeder to retailer.
  • Verbist has been delivering the Belgian major industry for more than 40 years.
  • We deliver work that is tailored to customer needs, with a strong focus on processing and packaging.
  • Verbist has many years of experience in export.

What we do

Group Verbist chiefly breeds cattle of the Belgian Blue race. The lean and tender meat of this race is highly valued by many of our customers. Also Limousin cattle are fattened with us. Verbist has many years of experience and the company has developed itself into a unique player on the market.